4 Ways To Get Inspired

This post is originally from Look Through My Lens.

As late, I have had a great lack of motivation and inspiration for this blog. I had no ideas and no inspiration, and that made me lose motivation. So I asked for a helping hand from some fellow bloggers and their advice actually inspired this post.


If you are stressing yourself out over finding inspiration or ideas, they will more than likely not be found. By relaxing your mind and body, ideas will float in naturally and will be better and easier to manifest than forced ones.


I always enjoy listening to music to clear my head and keep me focused. It’s the same concept as with studying, so grab some headphones and listen to music that will make you focused and not distract you. I suggest classical or indie, because the creative music will inspire your creative side.


Since I do write about books from time to time, reading is an asset to me. Also, reading other blogs and finding ideas you like can give you inspiration as well. Lastly, news articles and pop culture is also inspiring in a way and will help you get more views (if thats also in your interests).


Ask yourself what you enjoy writing about. Ask yourself what has gotten the most views and comments. Ask other bloggers what would be interesting. Or ask your readers what they want to see with a reader’s survey. Getting this information will help you make a game plan an see where you might want to put your focus on.