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Eat Cake Photography

Eat Cake, the 22nd Master Mystery Production, is a raucous, rambunctious Rococo riot set in the palace of Versailles just before the French Revolution. The aristocracy and the rebelling proletariat clash at cross purposes with hilarious consequences as each try desperately to accomplish their murderous motives. Poisoned cake, revolutionaries under skirts, and mistaken identities will …

What Happens At Sundown Photography

What Happens at Sundown, an interactive mystery drama set in the world of 1960’s Hollywood, is the landmark twentieth Master Mystery Production. On the set of a popular horror television show, two fading screen legends try to negotiate their comebacks while the murder of a cameraman threatens to expose everyone’s deeply hidden secrets. This gallery …

Anonymous Photography

Master Mystery Productions fourteenth show, ANONYMOUS (August 2017) reinvented interactive mysteries by creating an exploratory theatre experience where the audience works through a code-breaking scavenger hunt in a bookstore to uncover a stolen manuscript.  This set of photographs are performance photos.