I am primarily a web developer and event photographer currently based in the Mojave Desert area of Southern California. I also work in video, graphic design, and social media and work with many performing arts and non-profit organizations. 

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communications and Marketing from California State University, Sacramento in 2016. Immediately following that, I began my Master’s Degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Web Design and Online Communication from the University of Florida. I completed that degree, along with a graduate certificate in Social Media, in August of 2019.

Where I’ve Been

During my time at the Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps as the Marketing Manager, I was the go-to person for all things website, graphic design, online marketing, photography, and social media. I’ve worked on improving and developing the website to not only be visually stunning but also highly functional and usable. This includes, but not limited to, improved SEO, organizing web content, troubleshooting and fixing code errors, managing WordPress updates, and working with executives to balance all the needs of the organization. I also wrote every newsletter, designed every poster, brochure, and social graphic, and managed multiple projects with ease.

What I’m Doing

Currently, I am the primary photographer for Master Mystery Productions, where I photograph promotional photos as well as candid show photos. I am also the webmaster for the California Writer’s Club Southern California Showcase, where I handle all updates, security checks, and maintenance. I have also been continuously writing for A Geek Girl’s Guide and handling all designing as well.

Further work I am currently doing is developing my freelancing opportunities and services.

Where I’m Going

My ultimate aspiration with my work is to aid small businesses and organizations with their overall presence online. Whether it is creating a trailblazing website, working with their social media, photographing their products and services, or making eye-catching graphic assets, I want to help organizations that do great work be seen and remembered.

Primary Specialties

Web Design

I specialize in WordPress and coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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Candid and event photography is my specialty but not my limit.

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Web Management

Aiding with site management, content updates, and other recurring needs.

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Additional Skills

Graphic Design

My focus is digital assets for social media and websites, but also open to logo and branding work.

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Social Media

Whether you need a social media manager, an audit, or copywriting assistance, I can help.

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My main focus is social video, with both filming and editing abilities and work in audio as well.

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